School of Dentistry Limited Face to Face Ready

As a premier academic institution in the City of Pines, the University of Baguio welcomes the School of Dentistry!

As a premier academic institution in the City of Pines, the University of Baguio welcomes the School of Dentistry!

As our partners in education, your safety is our priority. In our unified vision to heal and rebuild as one through this situation, the university has imposed practices and modes we can follow for a smooth process inside the university. Let us see how we can navigate through the university safely.

Before leaving for school, check yourself for the following:

Assess your health conditions before leaving home. Nosymptomatic indicators, then you are ready.

Invest in a personal hygiene kit you can carry always. The basic elements include disposable gloves, extra disposable or washable mask, disposable wipes or facial tissue, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, or isopropyl alcohol. You may place these in a mesh or washable kit, or in a clean, reusable Ziploc.

Pack your meal or snacks to bring to the university. Stash pre-packed food, bottled drinks, or healthy snacks in your bag for convenience.

Wear a mask at all times. Clean your hands and strap on a mask. Place the straps behind your head or ears, then adjust the mask to cover your mouth, nose, and chin, leaving no gaps on the sides. Do not forget to wear your face shields, too.

Now that you have departed from your home, what should you do to enter the university?

Fall in line and maintain social distancing. Step on the sanitizing footbath mat, scan your temperature, and use the sanitizing stations at every entry point of university buildings.

You may opt to fill out the contact tracing form. We advise you to use your own pen when accomplishing this. You may also scan your temperature and download the StaySafe app on your Android or iPhone and scan the StaySafe.PH QR code.

Show your transaction to the person-in-charge, and you may now enter the building.

Take these to heart when you take the stairs.

When using the stairs, always follow the guiding arrows attached or painted on the floor. These are prominent in the university, and these help guide your easy mobility while navigating through the campus. If in doubt and in rare cases where arrows are nowhere in sight, the main rule is to always keep right. Observe social distancing, and do not run.

Observe the following when you are in your classrooms.

Before entering, you may use the hand sanitizer or alcohol dispenser near your classroom door.

Dress for the lab or for your classes by wearing your PPE or personal protective equipment properly. Your instructor will be teaching behind a clear partition.

File out of the class in an orderly fashion while observing social distancing.

Guided by protocols and proper and healthy navigational standards, the School of Dentistry will open the following facilities:

Located on the second floor of the RCB Building, the dental infirmary is divided into several departments and dental sections where the clinicians will apply and impart the knowledge that they have acquired through their pre-clinical days. The infirmary is where they will apply and sharpen their clinical skills in preventing and treating oral health diseases. With the guidance of seasoned clinical instructors, students willlearn the art of managing their patient.

Following the distancing protocols and management of air flow, the 64 dental chairs are now reduced to 30.

Located at the third floor of the RCB building are rooms B303, B309, and B304 which are classified as the school’s General Laboratory Rooms. Retrofitted to accommodate 30% of the previous maximum occupants capacity, these rooms will accept medical and dental subjects that involves wet and dry laboratory procedures.

The Simulation Rooms located at the third floor of the RCB building rooms are B307 and B308. These rooms are equipped with dummy phantom heads, jaws, and typhodont set of teeth where students initially practice their skills in operative and prosthodontics.

What are the guidelines for the laboratory? Here are what you need to remember.

Always handle samples sanitarily and properly.

Dispose of your sanitary wastes, single use items, and other trash elements properly and neatly in the designated areas.Always pay attention to signages and instructions plastered on the walls or around you. 

The instructor takes the lead at all times. Should you have doubts, questions, and clarifications about an action, ask your instructors.

Remember to navigate through your classes with one-way foot traffic. 

When going to the library, the following considerations must be remembered.

Again, use the hand sanitizer or alcohol dispenser by the entrance. Log in your name and information using the library pen, or your own.

The librarian will stand behind clear partitions to assist you.

You may use the library’s online public access catalog or OPAC for the reference material you need. Take your turns patiently and at a distance when waiting to use the library resources. Show your written OPAC information to the librarian for easier reference and access.

Maintain the 1.5-meter social distancing protocol as demonstrated by the arranged seating. Do not move these seats at any time.

When you take your leave, fix your seat, and return the resource materials borrowed to the librarian behind the partition, and sanitize your hands.

Use the exit points designated. You may also utilize the foot-controlled alcohol and hand sanitizer before exiting.

In the dining area or canteen, the following protocols must always be observed.

Sit on either side of the clear partition fastened to the table. You may remove your masks when you dine, and these partitions provide extra precautions for when you are conversing with your company.

It is essential that you do adhere to the allowed table capacity. Do not stay in the dining area for too long.

Observe the clean-as-you-go policy. Clean the table you used with a wet wipe or clean tissue, and sanitize it with isopropyl or ethyl alcohol.

After your scheduled classes, always leave on time and place your PPE in a Ziploc or paper bag for sanitation, and keep these safely in your assigned locker.

Always pay attention to signages wherever you are. Signages are your guide and reminders throughout your stay in the campus, and these must always be followed.

Health experts, school officials and staff, and instructors are all working hard to make sure our university is safe. To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, the University of Baguio limit class sizes, stagger schedules, and offer online or remote learning. We require everyone to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and take other precautions. Welcome, and we look forward to learning with you here at the University of Baguio!

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