UB SOD Garners 1st and 2nd Place at 34th Annual Scientific Conference in Singapore

The University of Baguio warmly congratulates Ms. Samantha Tade and Dr. Shylee Dumangueng from the School of Dentistry for their excellent performance at the 34th Annual Scientific Conference organized by the South East Asia Association for Dental Education (SEAADE) and the Faculty of Dentistry of the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The conference was held from November 20 to 21, 2023 at the National University of Singapore. With the theme “Co-Creating Dental Education for Tomorrow – Building Capacities, Communities, and Collaborations”, the event was an exploration of Dentistry in the field of education, expounding on the role of learning in building bright future dentists.

This year marks the seventeenth (17th) year that the UB SOD has participated in the conference. The School of Dentistry has been a member of the SEAADE since 2006, marking almost two decades of collaboration and cooperation with dental education institutions all over Southeast Asia. 

Ms. Samantha Tade garnered the 2nd prize in the poster presentation student category with her and her group’s compelling presentation on “Perceived Stress, Emotional Intelligence, and Coping Mechanisms of Dentistry Students of the University of Baguio” in the category of Assessment in Dental Education. Revolving around the theme of “Peaks of Excellence in Teaching and Learning”, the presentation was an enlightening look into the experiences of the university’s students on their educational journey leading up to their graduation and entry into the professional world.

Photo courtesy of the University of Baguio School of Dentistry

On the other hand, Dr. Shylee Dumangueng garnered first place in the faculty category with her presentation on “Effectiveness of the Mentoring Program on the Comprehensive Practical Examination Performance of Dentistry Graduating Students” in the category of Mentoring and Nurturing Leaders in Dental Education. Also an exploration of the same theme of “Peaks of Excellence in Teaching and Learning” with a sub-theme of “Teaching and Learning Pedagogy and Methods”, her presentation was an informative glimpse into the educational experiences of students on the cusp of finishing their education and becoming full-fledged dentists.

The tireless efforts of both Ms. Samantha and Dr. Shylee in conducting their research and putting together their award-winning presentations are shining examples of the excellence and exemplary performance indicative of being a student and member of the faculty of the University of Baguio. 

The continued participation of the UB SOD in the 34th Annual Scientific Conference is in accordance with SDG No. 4: Quality Education, allowing both students and faculty to participate in an event that seeks to broaden their academic and professional knowledge. Through events such as the conference, the university hopes to continue providing opportunities for growth and development that will allow both students and faculty to push the boundaries of their capabilities and achieve new heights both academically and professionally.

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